This Tim Burton classic involving Winona Ryder and Michael Keaton does little to disappoint Burton fans. It does involve some questionable editing but this film is one for the imagination and definitely not a rational mind.

This is more of a comedy horror rather than a horror comedy as it’s comedic parts can be particularly dark and not for the sensitive amongst us. It is from this film that many people know about the Banana Boat Song and Jump in the Line by Harry Belafonte.

I heard the Banana Boat Song a few days ago in a shop when I was out Christmas shopping and I kid you not four shoppers nearby started dancing whilst continuing their shopping. Much to my embarrassment one of these shoppers was my own mum.

This film is know as Beetlejuice as it is on the DVD cover but in the film when written down by the Beetle himself it is spelled Beetleguse. And of course you never utter the ‘b’ word three times in a row  he will appear before you bringing madness and mayhem with him.

Michael Keaton, who plays Beetlejuice, does appear particularly disgusting in this film, he looks like he needs a good wash, toothbrush and a hairdresser but I guess he is a dead guy and it is a Tim Burton film. Some of the dead ghosts are quite amusing as some display the way the person died for example there is a man who is completely flat but his limbs are at odd angles and he has tire tracks across his body. Evidently he was run over by a car or some other form of vehicle.

Every single character in this film has a quirk, there isn’t one ‘ordinary’ character even if it is little and seemingly unimportant there is a quirk. This just makes it all the more enjoyable and definitely seals its place on the list of timeless 80s films.


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2 thoughts on “Beetleguse”

  1. This film really freaks me out , I still used to watch it when I was younger because there were some bits I found really funny but I would hide behind my hands for most of it, like the bit with the creepy sand snake or the wee creepy guy with the shrunken head! Very weird film.


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