The Lost Boys is by far one of my favourite films, not just out of 80’s films but from films in general. The film is based around a group of rebellious vampires living in Santa Carla, America that recruit new-boy in town Michael. This film does have some slightly gory parts but for a horror film based on vampires this can be expected. Kiefar Sutherland played the role of David, the main leader in the small group of bloodsuckers and his performance in this film is outstanding. Jason Patric on the other hand who played Michael was, in my opinion,  quite obviously chosen to play Michael because of his looks. He is a typical ’80’s bad boy’ and didn’t add much to the overall film. Despite his lacking talent in the acting side of things he didn’t actually do a bad job overall. It was my mum who introduced me to The Lost Boys as one of her favourites and this new idea of badboy vampires that ‘sleep all day and party all night’ was beyond exciting for my 12 year old mind. I think this film is one of the more underrated films of the 80’s and even though the special effects are lacking it is a classic 80’s film that anyone and everyone should watch.


Here’s a link to the IMDB ‘Lost Boys’ page