The Goonies



This classic film is hard to fault, it has friendship, adventure, danger and even a little bit of romance. Written by Steven Spielberg it features Corey Feldman, Sean Astin and Josh Brolin.

Rich developers decide to demolish a housing estate to make way for a golf course and the residents can’t afford the money to buy the land their homes sit on therefore they all face eviction.

When a group of friends discover an old treasure map created by the famous pirate ‘One Eyed Willy’ they embark on an adventure in the hope that they will find the treasure to pay for the land and save their homes.

John Matuszak is unrecognisable as ‘Sloth’ who is a badly deformed man kept chained and a secret by his criminal mother and two brothers. He is an apparent villain until the realisation that he is a ‘good guy’ is made solid with his famous one liner “hey you guys”. Here is a clip of that one-liner and Sloth’s heroic scene where he saves the kids from the bad guys.

Amongst the group of friends there is leader Mikey, geeky Data, vain Mouth, Brand Mikey’s older brother, Andy Brand’s love interest and Stef Andy’s best friend.

And of course any group of friends is not complete without a joker. This role is filled by Chunk, a young boy with a massive love for food and extravagant lies that no one ever believes, like the time Michael Jackson’s sister went to his house to use the toilet. It is Chunk that first befriends Sloth and eventually takes him home to care for him showing that even though he is an extravagant liar he does has a heart of gold.

It is impossible to sum this film up with one word but it is also hard to find fault in it and it is up there with the greatest films of the 80s.

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